In the ever evolving world of medicine, it’s important to have the highest-quality solutions and technologies.

At MEDOS Healthcare Solutions, our goal is to improve the efficiency, accuracy and care provided at your healthcare facility. Not only do we provide customers with medical equipment for their OR, Hybrid Room, ER, ICU, Labor & Delivery departments, outpatient surgical suites and exam rooms, but we also provide customers with solutions to improve patient care and operational efficiencies.

For more information on the services and products offered, please select any of the products listed below or speak with one of our representatives to see how we can help.

Asset Tracking & Supply Chain Solutions

Simplify hospital and medical staff tasks with our asset tracking and supply chain solutions. Our quality technologies save you time and make managing healthcare facility needs easier.

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An extensive range of booms, including central mount, tandem mount, anesthesia tether and lightweight utility arm, exceed the advanced needs of all healthcare facilities.

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Multiple screen display options with high image resolution to increase clarity and accuracy in every procedure.

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Quality surgical, exam room and LDR lights for the OR, Procedure Rooms, Emergency Trauma Rooms and Outpatient Surgery Centers.

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Nurse Documentation Centers

Simplify controlling lights, audio and MIS equipment with our durable nurse documentation centers.

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Scrub Sinks & Clean Up Stations

Clean up stations are durable and reliable for pre-cleaning and sorting surgical equipment.

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We offer a variety of size and capacity options, allowing us to meet your diverse infection prevention needs. And with market-leading efficiency and reliability, you can enjoy peace of mind.

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Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets to improve organization and efficiency in any medical workplace. Store equipment, table accessories and other medical supplies.

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Tables & Accessories

A range of high-quality tables and table accessories for every kind of surgical procedure.

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Video Integration

Video Integration solutions improve the efficiency of your OR and allow the OR to adapt to the ever-changing technology in the medical field.

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Warming Cabinets

Fluid and Blanket Warming Cabinets make managing the temperature of blankets and sterile solutions easier, so you can focus on providing optimal care to patients.

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Washer Disinfectors

Washer disinfectors that allow your instruments to be properly disinfected by delivering detergents, enzymes and lubricants in each cycle without impacting the functionality of instruments.

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ST Series Mobile Storage Carts

Skytron’s ST Series Mobile Storage Carts optimize healthcare efficiency, organization, and accessibility, offering functionality and practicality for enhanced patient care in medical environments.

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